Satellite Workshop - SUSNANO
  Tentative Program available
Fabiana Arduini
University of Rome “Tor Vergata”
Can Dincer
Antonella Macagnano
National Research Council (CNR)
Sibel A. Özkan
Ankara University
Mamas Prodromidis
University of Ioannina
Martin Pumera
Czech Republic
Jean-Jacques Toulmé
Fabiana Arduini (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy)
Paper-based electrochemical (bio)sensors: a new generation of devices with unprecedented features
Can Dincer (IMTEK, Germany)
CRISPR-powered multiplexed biosensors for point-of-care management of infectious diseases
Antonella Macagnano (National Research Council (CNR), Italy)
Convergence of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers and Electrospinning Technologies to Design Advanced Selective VOCs sensors
Sibel A. Özkan (Ankara University, Turkey)
An Overview of Electrocanalytical Carbon Based Nanosensors and Their Applications: The Current and Future Prospect
Mamas Prodromidis (University of Ioannina, Greece)
Wax Screen Printed Fabric-Based Colorimetric Microfluidic Wearable (Bio)Sensors for Biomarkers in Sweat
Martin Pumera (CEITEC, Czech Republic)
3D printing meets 2D materials for Energy Storage and Sensing
Jean-Jacques Toulmé (Novaptech , France)
Aptamer-based nanosensors for the detection of small organic molecules
Liridon Berisha (University of Prishtina, Albania)
Electrochemical Paper Analytical Device for nitrite and nitrate determination
Gabriel Maroli (ICN2, Spain)
Enhancing Resistive Humidity Sensors with rGO Resistors for Thermal Compensation
Ana Ameda (University of Tirana, Albania)
Electrochemical determination of heavy metals using hybrid nanosheets of Au@rGO
Angela Gilda Carota (University of Pisa, Italy)
CRISPR/Cas12a based portable and low-cost Inkjet printed platform for one-pot pathogen detection
Sadik Cenolli (University of Tirana, Albania)
Electrochemical detection of azithromycin based on modified carbon paste electrode
Nensi Isak (University of Tirana, Albania)
Maximizing the adsorption efficiency in electrochemical determinations: Insights into electrode surface modifications
Lueda Kulla (University of Tirana, Albania)
Development of GCE modified with graphene derivatives for detection of paraquat
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