Information for poster presenters:

Poster size: A0 format (width: 841 mm x Height: 1189 mm) (Portrait / Vertical).
Posters Presentation: We recommend the poster presenters to stand in front of their poster in order to enhance fruitful discussions – designated time that the evaluators will pass by to discuss the work.
Posters Schedule: Posters will be displayed during the first 4 days of the event (Monday to Thursday). Posters should be removed on Thursday after the afternoon coffee break.
Other info: To each poster will be assigned a number. You will find double side tape directly on the panel to hang your poster.
Check the number assigned to your poster at the entrance of the exhibition and posters hall.
** We would like to inform that abstracts won't be listed in the NANOBALKAN2023 booklet if the registration fee is not paid until June 12, 2023.**
POSTERS (46) - Alphabetical order
Poster nº Author & Title Abstract
29 Belinda Amiti (University of Tetova, Macedonia Former Yugoslav Republic of)
Production of lipids by Rhodotorula yeasts
30 Nora Limani Bektashi ("Mother Teresa" University in Skopje, North Macedonia)
Assessing the Impact of Gamma Irradiation on the Microbial Characteristics and Overall Protein Content of Dried Agaricus bisporus Edible Mushrooms
3 Laura Beltrán Chamorro (ICN2, Spain)
SELEX for aptamer selection against small molecules associated with acute-on-chronic liver failure: Design, optimization, and development
13 Nevila Broli (University of Tirana, Albania)
Electrochemical sensing platform based on carbon paste electrodes modified with natural nanomaterials for Beta-Blocker determination
31 Fatma Budak (Ankara University, Turkey)
Development of molecularly imprinted polymer-based electrochemical sensor for the selective and sensitive detection of Selexipag
45 Magdalena Cara (Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania)
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) contamination of irrigation waters in Albania
10 Besarta Çeliku Ramadani (University of Tetovo , Republic of North Macedonia)
Synthesis, structure and properties investigation of complex perovskites with manganese
32 Ahmet Cetinkaya (Ankara University , Turkey)
Molecularly imprinted electrochemical sensor based on surface-printed polymerization and nanomaterial affinity for the selective and sensitive detection of abrocitinib
14 Nerea de Mariscal i Molina (Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia, Spain)
Point-of-Care Haemoglobin Detection for Anaemia Diagnosis
33 Sonila Duka (University of Tirana, Albania)
MTs - potential biomarkers used in well-designed environmental monitoring programs
15 Entea Gjergji (University of Tirana, Albania)
Determination oh Heavy metals in water using printed electrodes
23 Altin Gjevori (Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania)
Influence of doping with carbon and nitrogen on photoactivity of TiO2 thin films by PVD
34 Grejsi Gjonaj (University of Tirana, Albania)
Beyond the Microscopic: Advancing NanoToxicology through Cutting-Edge In Vitro, In Vivo, and In Silico Models
4 Fatbardha Halilaj (University of Prishtina, Albania)
Nano-Biomimetics: Harnessing Nature´s Strategy to Design Efficient Antiviral and Antimicrobial Agents
35 Edita Halili (University of Prishtina, Albania)
A new spectrophotometric method for determination of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in food products
36 Gentiana Hasani (Univerisity of Prishtina, Albania)
The use of coal modified with alkyl-aryl layers for the preparation of heterogeneous asymmetric membranes
24 Albana Hasimi (NanoAlb, Academy of Science of Albania , Albania)
The effect of different amount MMT in PVA properties
25 Ambra Karaj (University of Tirana, Albania)
Beyond the Microscopic: Advancing NanoToxicology through Cutting-Edge In Vitro, In Vivo, and In Silico Models
37 Dhurata Kuqi (Polytechnic University of Tirana , Albania)
Monitoring and evaluation of electromagnetic fields near some base stations for telecommunication systems in some areas of Tirana
16 Marina Kuqi (University of Tirana, Albania)
Performance evaluation of electrochemical sensors modified with functionalized graphene
38 Raimonda Lilo (Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania)
Seasonal variability on the Air Pollution in Korça City
5 Amir Makolli (University of Prishtina, Albania)
Optimizing the Physicochemical Properties and Antioxidant Activity of Linalool through Nanoencapsulation
17 Meltem Maral (Ege University, Turkey)
Impedimetric detection of Activated Proteinn C by carbon nanofibers based composite modified electrode
46 Albert Maxhuni (University of Prishtina , Albania)
Assessment of air pollution using mosses as a bio-indicator in some localities in Kosovo
6 Rrona Mehmeti (University of Prishtina, Albania)
Advancing Therapeutic Proteins Through Nanosized Delivery Systems
18 Martina Mercurio (Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia, Spain)
Conjugation of titania and silver nanohybrid: a new label for enhancing lateral flow biosensors
26 Aysegül Ülkü Metin (Kirikkale University, Turkey)
Design of Boron Nitride Nanosheet/Polymer Electrospun Nanofibers
39 Driada Mitrushi (Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania)
Comparison of solar energy prediction models with experimental data for solar output
40 Glorjen Mulla (Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland , Germany)
Complex in vitro models and advanced drug delivery systems as a complementary strategy for improving drug transport across bacterial barriers and maximizing bacterial bioavailability
19 Martin-Alex Nalepa (CATRIN-RCPTM, Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic)
Click and Detect: Versatile Ampicillin Aptasensor Enabled by Click Chemistry on a Graphene–Alkyne Derivative
41 Xhensiana Ndreka (University of Tirana, Albania)
Exploring the advantages of the ex-situ electrochemical determination compared to the in-situ: the case of catechin
11 Genki Ogata (Keio University, Japan)
Rapid Plasma Molecular-Targeted Drug Monitoring with Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode
20 Julia Pedreira (ISGlobal, Spain)
Development of a rapid diagnostic test for diagnostic and prognostic of malaria
42 Ensar Piskin (Ankara University, Turkey)
Designing a highly sensitive and selective molecularly imprinted polymer-based electrochemical sensor for the detection of ipratropium bromide in pharmaceutical formulation and commercial serum samples
7 Rrona Pozhari (University of Prishtina, Albania)
Nano-Biomimetics: Harnessing Nature´s Strategy to Design Efficient Antiviral and Antimicrobial Agents
43 Arianit Reka (University of Tetova, Macedonia Former Yugoslav Republic of)
Production of ceramic monoliths from diatomaceous earth
2 Imer Sadriu (University of Prishtina, Albania)
Electrochemically exfoliated Graphene/MIP electrode for electrochemical detection of Isoproturon
12 Flamur Sopaj (University of Prishtina , Albania)
Application of Screen Printed Carbon Paste Electrode for Monitoring of Adsorption of Erythromycin on Inactivated Clay
8 Donjeta Spahiu (University of Prishtina, Albania)
Enhancing the Bioavailability and Stability of Naringin and Naringenin through Nanoencapsulation
27 Erion Sukaj (University of Tirana, Albania)
Probing ZnONPs Cytotoxicity: Insights from Human Erythrocyte “in vitro” Model
21 Bengi Uslu (Ankara University, Turkey)
Electrochemical Studies: Elucidating the Interaction Between the Antiviral Drug Molnupiravir and Calf Thymus dsDNA
44 Loreta Vallja (University of Tirana, Albania)
Removal Of Phosphorus From Wastewater Using Various Adsorbents
9 Ledia Vasjari (University of Tirana, Albania)
Deleterious effects of metallic nanoparticles in in vitro models
28 Sidorela Vishkulli (University of Tirana, Albania)
Zeolite synthesis from clay and study of the acetic acid adsorption on it
1 Dafina Xhako (Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania)
Evaluation of quality radiologic devices using RTI evaluation method and comparing the results with international standards
22 Esma Yildiz (Ege University, Turkey)
Halloysite nanotubes -ionic liquid based nanosensors for cancer diagnosis
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